Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Feet!

"Grab your coat, and get your hat. Leave your worry on the doorstep. Just direct your FEET, to the sunny side of the street!"

Diva's how wonderful do you feel after a nice relaxing pedicure? I truly enjoy being pampered and when it's all said and done I'm walking on air!

Now to be quite honest I haven't had a professional pedicure since my birthday in December...Don't be alarmed! I still managed to keep my feet looking great and feeling soft with periodic at home maintenance! Follow the steps below and keep your feet happy in between trips to the nail salon.

I use all Arbonne products. I use RE9 Advanced Body to keep my feet soft, especially my heels! 
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Good-looking toenails are easier to create and maintain than attractive fingernails. Mainly because your toenails need attention every 2 to 3 weeks, while fingernails need a fresh mani every week or week-and-a-half.

What you'll need...
Cotton balls, nail polish remover, a toe nail clipper (not a finger nail clipper, there is a difference), orangewood stick, a nail brush, buffer, antiseptic, pumice stone, nail color & top coat, RE9 Advanced Body Wash & Cream , bowl of soapy water with a few drops of olive oil and lemon juice.

Pour the nail polish remover onto the cotton ball to remove any traces of old polish. Then use the buffer to smooth out the top of you nail. Smooth gently. Less is more, so check with your finger as you go.

Soak & Exfoliate...
Make sure your water is warm, to your liking and soak your feet for 3-5 minutes. This will not only assist in cleaning under the nail, it will soften it and the cuticles as well. After soaking use your nailbrush to remove dirt and any dry skin. Then, using your orangewood stick, very gently clean away any remaining dirt under the nails. 

 Dip feet back into water for a quick rinse. Now is the perfect time to use your pumice with the RE9 Advanced Body Wash and gently exfoliate your feet. Pay close attention to your heels and the balls of your feet.

Trim & Cut...
Use the nail clippers to cut and trim your toe nails. Be careful NOT to clip to short and NOT to curve the nail on the corners. You may end up with an ingrown toenail as they grow back. After you are done spray feet with your antiseptic.

Believe me when I tell you, dry and cracked feet will make a well polished toe nail look horrible. Condition and moisturize your feet with Arbonne's RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream. Use this time to massage the feet for several minutes. Rub the cream into your cuticles as well and then gently push them back with your orangewood stick.
*If your cuticles are sensitive you can wrap the end of the stick in a piece of your cotton balls.*

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Remove any oils by wiping your toe nails with your antiseptic or nail polish remover. Prime your nails for polish by applying a clear base coat. To make it easier, place your foot flat on a level surface. Use your toe spreader or cotton balls to keep toes from touching while you polish. Paint a thin coat of base coat on each toenail. If you like a clean fresh look you can stop here. Or live dangerous with some color.

For more drama or to play with hues pick your favorite color and apply the same way you did the base coat and repeat once the first coat of color has dried. 

If you're like me you've messed up on the edges! Don't worry Diva's wrap a piece of cotton around your orangewood stick dip it into your nail polish remover and clean up the edges and any mistakes.

Once your nail polish has dried, apply your top coat for shine and a "polished" look. 

Without ruining your freshly painted toes, find a relaxing place to sit while the polish dries. I prefer a quick nap on the sofa!

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